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Term and Whole Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance is a much cheaper way to get a lot of life insurance coverage at a much lower premium simply because it expires after a specific amount of time.

Mortgage Protection

Have you recently purchased a new home or refinanced your existing mortgage? Your home purchase will most likely be your single biggest purchase in your lifetime.

Insurance For Diabetics

One of our specialties is Life Insurance For Diabetics. We can find affordable solutions for people diagnosed with diabetes and other preexisting conditions.

Burial Life Insurance

Making sure that your final wishes are taken care of is key part of our business at Houston Life Insurance. We can find coverage for a family member’s funeral.


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Thank you for visiting Houston Life and Annuity! We are Houston’s life insurance and annuity specialists. Buying life insurance can be a confusing process. What type do you buy? How much do you need? When does an annuity fit the bill? At HL & A, we answer all these questions.

Life Insurance does not need to be hard. It needs to be approached comfortably and with a lot of listening. Houston Life and Annuity is here to help you navigate this process.

Our experienced agents can offer Medicare help, mortgage protection insurance, Obamacare alternatives & more in Houston, TX.

My Healthy Heart Scan

I recently completed my first (hopefully last) heart CT scan to check my calcium score and see the state of my arteries. I chose to do the Heart Scan Plus at the Debakey Heart Center in the heart (pun intended) of the Houston Medical Center. I decided to do this for a few reasons:

First, as a survivor of thyroid cancer (9 years and counting), I am kept permanently hyperthyroid to reduce the chance of recurrence. As it turns out, many symptoms of hyperthyroidism are very similar to cardiac symptoms (palpitations, sweating, racing heart, short of breath, exercise intolerance).

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