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Thank you for visiting Houston Life and Annuity! We are Houston’s life insurance and annuity specialists. Buying life insurance can be a confusing process. What type do you buy? How much do you need? When does an annuity fit the bill? At HL & A, we answer all these questions.

If you are looking for a policy to protect your family, we will start by simply talking. That’s right….just a chat. What are you trying to do? What needs to be protected? What is causing you to shop now? We ask all this so we can get an accurate view of your personal situation. Most people with life insurance are inadequately covered. We make sure that your wishes (and budget) will be served by your life insurance policy.

If you are a business owner, we understand the challenges you face. Building the business is hard work. Passing the business to your heirs can be even harder. A Business Continuation Plan can make all the difference. Ensure that your family will get the full value out of your business when you pass (generally tax free)! Leave your business to your child or Key Employee seamlessly while providing sufficient liquidity for your surviving spouse in retirement. If you have a partner, make sure enough money comes in the door to buy out their share of the company when they (or you) pass on. You may love their spouse and/or family, but that doesn’t mean they’d make great business partners! Hugely influential Key Employees can be a mixed blessing. Obviously they are immensely valuable to your business with the skills and good will they bring to the table. Have you ever thought about what would happen to the business should they die? A Key Man policy would potentially help.

Considering an annuity? What is the source of the funds? Do you have old 401Ks? Did you inherit an IRA? How do you know an annuity is the best fit? Do you need income? An annuity is a fantastic vehicle but you need to make sure you get one that fits your specific needs.

Life Insurance does not need to be hard. It needs to be approached comfortably and with a lot of listening. Houston Life and Annuity is here to help you navigate this process.

Are Life Insurance Payouts Taxable

Typically, life insurance settlements are tax free. There are infrequent incidences where tax may be due (such as acquiring ownership of a policy through a life settlement or an old business policy, etc) but the vast majority of life insurance payouts will be tax free.

My Child Is A Juvenile Diabetic, Can I Buy Life Insurance For Them

If your child is a minor (under 17) and has Type 1 (juvenile) diabetes, finding life insurance can be difficult. As you may already know, in most cases, carriers will not consider coverage. There are some, however, who will...you just need to find them. Also, there is at least one trick to getting coverage in place in these circumstances.

How Do I Find A Carrier?

I know this sounds like a cop out, but you need to find a specialist who knows this market. Carriers who will accept this type of risk are very hush...

Life Insurance For Your Business

For Your Business

Contact me today to learn more about protecting your business from sudden loss and critical illness. Services we offer at HLA are:

Life Insurance For Your Family

For Your Family

Contact me today to learn more about protecting your family and loved ones from sudden loss or critical illness.

Justin White Insurance Brokerage, Inc. BBB Business Review

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