What Should Buying Life Insurance Be Like

I often wonder what people are thinking about that process. Actions speak louder than words. According to LIMRA*, almost 40% of the US population is running around with NO life insurance policy in place to protect their family. Since 80% of people say that “everyone should have a life insurance policy”, we know something is wrong. In fact, ask the average American what buying life insurance IS like and you’ll be off to a good start to discovering what to avoid.

Buying Life Insurance Shouldn’t Be

Let’s start with what it shouldn’t be like:

Pressurized – Stop already with the high pressure tactics! Quit telling me that we need to do this today. No we don’t. You know it and I know it. Just stop.

One Size Fits All – I have never been able to understand how someone can credibly buy life insurance using guidance and advice from a postcard they received in the mail. “Check the box corresponding to the amount of term you want and protect your family!”…yeah, right. No thank you. Most Americans agree and want to talk to someone in person….not by postcard.

Can I please get an agent who can answer a question? – If you cannot answer basic questions about what you are selling and other options I may have, leave me alone. Demand educated agents.

Don’t try to sell me every time we talk – Life Insurance is serious. Protect my family and be a pleasant person I can talk to without fearing a 30 minute “pitch job” every time we see each other. Let me know about cool things that come out. If I am interested, I’ll let you know. Otherwise, let’s go get a beer.

So, how should it be?

Buying Life Insurance Should Be

Well, it should be a pleasant, bittersweet conversation (you are talking about your family’s ability to continue without you, after all). You should feel good, proud, relieved, and hopeful coming out of the appointment. Knowing that you are doing the right thing by those you love most should give you a sense of accomplishment and peace of mind. You should like and respect the agent and enjoy running into him or her on the street. A phone call from them should be welcomed because you know that a call will either be a pleasant “hello” or an occasional piece of new information that will improve your family’s future. In short, a life insurance agent should be a trusted adviser that you truly like, occasionally spend time with, and unhesitatingly refer to others.

Was your last experience like that?

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