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Life Insurance Expiring?

First off, did you know term life insurance will expire?

Here’s the scene: You have owned your term life insurance plan for several years and you realize that your policy is going to expire soon if you do not act. Further, your health isn’t what it was back when you applied. You family still needs the coverage. Can you qualify for a new plan? If you can, will it be affordable? Read More

Before You Buy Life Insurance Through The Mail

Before you buy life insurance through the mail, radio, or television, ask yourself this one question:

Am I really, really sick?

You see, most policies offered through mail, radio, or television are called guaranteed issue life and offer a death benefit that is limited for 2-3 years. They are also expensive. You’ll recognize themRead More

The ONE Thing You Must Know About Your Term Life Insurance Policy

The ONE thing you must know about your term life insurance policy-

There is almost no chance that your term policy will ever pay a death benefit.

Whoa! Why? Is it because they won’t pay the claim? Absolutely not: If there is a legitimate claim, they will pay it. Believe me, your life insurance company has theRead More

My Child Is A Juvenile Diabetic, Can I Buy Life Insurance On Them?

If your child is a minor (under 17) and has Type 1 (juvenile) diabetes, finding life insurance can be difficult. As you may already know, in most cases, carriers will not consider coverage. There are some, however, who will…you just need to find them. Also, there is at least one trick to getting coverage in place in these circumstances…Read More

Diabetes Marches On

As of this writing, as many as 30,000,000 people are believed to have diabetes. Many of them are un-diagnosed and will find out after their next annual physical or illness that sends them to the doctor…Read More

Life Insurance Agent Versus Life Insurance Broker

What’s The Difference Between A Life Insurance “Agent” And A Life Insurance “Broker?”

Ever wondered that? Most people erroneously assume they are one and the same. That can be a mistake and cost you money! Read More

The Fine Print Matters When Buying Life Insurance

I’m coming to you today to tell you that the fine print matters when you’re buying a life insurance policy. Now, the fine print, as boring as it is, is going to determine what the policy actually does. And it will help you to know whether the policy is going to be appropriate to do the job that you want it to do. And I will give you a couple ofRead More

What Is A Chartered Life Underwriter Or CLU ®

You’ll notice the CLU® after my name and that stands for Chartered Life Underwriter. (Click the link to learn more about what a CLU® means.) A CLU® is the highest standard of knowledge and trust in financial planning. Helping people with their life insurance needs is very important to me and something that I hold near and dear to my heart. A CLU® is the premier credential in the insuranceRead More

Beware Of Life Insurance Quoting Websites

Did you know that most of the websites on the web that advertise for life insurance quotes or instant life insurance rates are just lead generation companies that sell your information to 5-20 insurance agents? Bet you didn’t. But if you have ever filled out a life insurance quotes information form and then received 20 phone calls within 30 minutes, you have definitely experienced this first handRead More

Half Of The USA Is Diabetic, How Does That Affect Your Life Insurance released an article yesterday stating that as much as half of the US population is now either diabetic or considered to be pre-diabetic. Half of the US population. So lifestyle choices, diet, medicine interactions, lack of exercise and aging are all contributing to an almost unavoidable tsunami of new diagnoses of diabetes, and all the other things that come along with that. It is a nationalRead More

Why Nobody Trusts Life Insurance Agents

Is it any wonder why the American public does not trust life insurance agents?

A couple of weeks ago I went out and wrote life insurance policies for a couple of my clients. I was called up by a gentlemen who was on a group term life insurance plan through his formerRead More

A Sad True Life Insurance Story

Hey everyone, Justin White here at Houston Life Insurance Quotes and thanks for watching. You know, I heard a sad story just the other day about a young lady, a mother of two, wife, who all of a sudden came down with something one day and within 24 hours had succumbed, died because of an aggressive infection. The thing that made it so tragic is if that’s not bad enough was the fact that she did notRead More

Buying Life Insurance Online Without An Agent

Hey everyone, Justin White here with Houston Texas Life Insurance and thanks for watching. I’m recording this event a little bit for you today. I found a new product online a couple of days ago. Opened it up, looked at all the selling features or what were being called features. And just thought, “Man, I’ve got to talk about this on the website because it really rubbed me wrong.” Now I’m not going toRead More

Life Insurance Review Importance

If you have life insurance, you’d better know this….

Do you know what a “contract of adhesion” is? You may not know but I can almost guarantee you have experience with one. Read More

I Am Too Sick To Buy Life Insurance

I hear this all the time. Someone I am talking to will volunteer something like “Bet you can’t help me” or “I’ve been told I can’t get anything”. I always look at them and ask “what makes you think that”? At that point the floodgates open and I start hearing about all the myths and untruths floating around in the life market today. While there are some situations (very few) that are truly hopeless, I find that theRead More

Buying Life Insurance If You Are Diabetic

Justin White is one of the founders and managing partners of Life4Diabetes, a nationwide consumer organization that specializes in finding Life Insurance For Diabetics and other preexisting conditions.

I have diabetes and need life insurance. Should I get Term Life Insurance or Permanent Life Insurance? Read More

How To Avoid Mistakes When Buying Life Insurance

Have you ever shopped for life insurance and had that uneasy feeling that you knew about as much as your insurance agent? Sadly, this is common. Here are a few things that should throw up yourRead More

Deciphering Life Insurance Commercials

When looking at today’s life insurance commercials, is it any wonder why many people are frustrated with our industry? One popular commercial advertises very low rates for people with minorRead More

Life Insurance With A Preexisting Condition

Things To Know If Need Life Insurance And Have A Preexisting Condition. If you have diabetes or another common pre-existing condition and have tried shopping for life insurance (or anyRead More

Shopping For Life Insurance In Houston, Texas

Shopping for life insurance quotes online can be such a headache. Have you ever filled out a form online for a life insurance quote and 20 minutes later your phone is ringing off the hook withRead More

What Should Buying Life Insurance Be Like

I often wonder what people are thinking about that process. Actions speak louder than words. According to LIMRA*, almost 40% of the US population is running around with NO life insurance policy in place to protect their family. Since 80% of people say that “everyone should have a life insurance policy”, we know something is wrong. In fact, ask the average American what buying lifeRead More

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