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Houston Texas Life Insurance has solutions for many different types of life insurance needs. We have broken it down into a couple of categories. Click on some of the links below to learn more about how our services can help your family or your business with its life insurance needs.

Estates and Trusts

If you would like to learn more information about Estates and Trusts, please click the green "Request a Quote" button above or give me a call at 281-451-0194.

Key Man Life Insurance

What is key man life insurance? Business owners ask that frequently and that's a great question, because it's an important one. You have a business, its rolling right along, everything is going great. It's booming, growing, everything, and you have that one employee that's there that everybody asks for. Maybe they do the job a little bit better than most everybody. Maybe they have a skill set that nobody else can really duplicate. Bottom line, they're integral to the success of your business.

Your business is doing well largely because of their contribution. And you probably take great care of them. You have their pay up there. You've got them on a commission program that fairly compensates them. The problem is, is what happens if they die in a car accident on the way home? Or they get cancer and something happens to them? If they pass away and they are that key employee that you've got, it could devastate the business, possibly even causing it to fail. Sometimes, key people are just key employees that you found....

Buy Sell Agreements


If you are a partner in a partnership, absent any other planning, did you realize that your partnership will cease to exist upon the death of one of your partners? You become a partner in liquidation and your job then is to liquidate the assets of the partnership, reduce it to cash, for the purpose of paying the deceased partner's family for the share of the partnership that the partner helped to build. They got to settle the estates, the tax man comes, and they’ve got to take care of it.

So that's a nightmare. So what do you do? Well, before anybody passes away, you can draw up what's called a buy-sell agreement. And that's when the partners get together and they come up with an agreement between them about what happens when one of them passes away. These are often written in conjunction with life insurance policies that provide money that will come in and effectively buy out the deceased partner's shares so that they can get the money that they need to carry on. And the shares of...

Business Continuation

Business Continuation planning is the purchase of life insurance a company or firm purchases to provide the funds necessary to the continue the business and cover the losses incurred from the death or disablement of someone critical to the business. If you would like more information or to have a conversation about your business' options, please give me a call at 281-451-0194 or click the green Request a Quote button above.

Life Insurance with a Preexisting Condition

And Other Preexisting Conditions

One of my specialties is Life Insurance For Diabetics. Finding affordable solutions for people diagnosed with diabetes and other preexisting conditions is a huge passion of mine. In 2010, I started a financial services company called 10 Group Financial which later morphed into Life4Diabetes.

Life4Diabetes Organization

Life4Diabetes is a nationwide life insurance agency that specializes in helping people who need it most. Diabetics and other preexisting conditions. To date, we have helped 1000's of people across the country find life insurance who previously thought that since they were diabetic, that they couldn't be helped.

You have probably seen the signs all around the Houston area advertising Life Insurance For Diabetics.

Final Expense Life Insurance - Burial Life Insurance

Final Expense Life Insurance Services

Making sure that your final wishes are taken care of is key part of our business at Houston Life Insurance. Nobody wants to leave their loved ones the burden of paying for and handling a family member's funeral. And with the rising costs of funerals today, it is very important to make sure that you have a burial life insurance plan in place to make sure that your final wishes are taken care of.

Final Expense Life Insurance

Funerals today can vary greatly from place to place and having a life insurance agent that understands the nuances of burial life insurance and final expenses can save you a lot of heartache and turmoil when you are truly in the time of need.

There are a lot of commercials on TV today that talk about guaranteed acceptance life insurance and most people don't realize that those plans have a 2 or a 3 year waiting period before you are eligible for the full death benefit of the plan. Those companies that air those commercials cast a wide net and capture a lot of "healthy" people who would otherwise...

Mortgage Protection Life Insurance

Mortgage Protection Life Insurance

Have you recently purchased a new home or refinanced your existing mortgage? Your home purchase will most likely be your single biggest purchase in your lifetime. Making sure that you are adequately protected with Mortgage Life Insurance can ensure that your family and loved ones will continue to live the life that you have worked hard to provide.

Mortgage Life Insurance With Living Benefits

But wait? Did you know that the majority of people today that lose their homes to foreclosure are due to catastrophic medical events like heart attack, strokes, cancer and disability that you don't die from? In today's medical environment more and more people are suffering these catastrophic events and living through it. But if you are permanently disabled or unable to go back to work because you suffered a heart attack, stroke or cancer treatments, how do you continue to pay your bills and your mortgage?

Tax Free Retirement - Wealth Accumulation

Tax Free Retirement Income with Life Insurance

Houston Life and Annuity has partnered with the industry's leading tax free retirement specialists in the country, Scott Bergman of RPA Associates. With this partnership, we can help you build a tax free retirement solution for you through the use of life insurance.

Term Life Insurance Policy

Term Life Insurance Coverage

Term Life Insurance is a much cheaper way to get a lot of life insurance coverage at a much lower premium simply because it expires after a specific amount of time. Term life insurance is usually more appropriate during your income producing years when you carry the most debt in your life, such as mortgages, car loans, personal loans, credit cards, etc... The big advantage of term life insurance is that the premiums are generally much less expensive than permanent cash value policies because insurance companies know that the chances of you passing during your term is minimal. But in the event of your death, it can definitely provide the cash in the form of death benefit that can keep your family and loved ones living in the same lifestyle that you've worked hard to build for them.

College Planning Solutions

College Planning Solutions

Houston Life and Annuity has partnered with industry leaders in the college planning industry, TRI Financial and Your Guidance Office. College is big business these days and figuring out how to pay for it can be a huge time consuming mess. Typically when we talk about college expenses and how to pay for it, most parents have set up savings and investment accounts that they have been contributing to for most of their kid's life.

Why College Planning

Would you rather use your money or the college's money to pay for your kid's college education? Tough question, I know, but with proper planning and using the right tools, you can effectively keep more of your money in your pockets and pay less out of pocket expense to a higher education institution.

Life Insurance Agent Versus Life Insurance Broker

Whole Life Insurance

There are many benefits to whole life insurance that may be worth considering when you are looking at permanent cash value life insurance. Whole life insurance typically is a little more expensive that your universal life insurance plans and term life insurance plans, but that is because it has some unique key components built into them.

Cash Value Accumulation

Whole Life Insurance offers a combination of permanent life insurance, income tax advantages, certain guarantees that don't come with other types of life insurance, and cash value accumulation.

Guaranteed Premiums

Some of the key features are a guaranteed death benefit, guaranteed premiums, guaranteed cash value accumulations, and cash value accumulates on a tax deferred basis. To learn more about the different whole life options available to you, please click the green request a quote button below.

Universal Life Insurance Services

Universal Life Insurance

Universal Life Insurance is a type of permanent life insurance that offers flexible premium payment options that traditional whole life insurance. Universal life insurance often times referred to as UL, can be an appropriate fit in many different situations.

Indexed or Fixed Universal Life Insurance

There are many different strategies and times where a universal life insurance policy is appropriate to purchase. You can also choose between an indexed UL or fixed UL depending on your individual situation and what you are trying to accomplish.

To get more information about Universal Life Insurance, please click the green request a quote button below:

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