Mortgage Protection Life Insurance

Living Benefits In Life Insurance

Our mortgage protection life insurance program is now life insurance with living benefits. Living Benefits allow you use your death benefit before you die if you happen to suffer from a catastrophic illness or disability. Contact us today for more information on how you can protect your life, family and mortgage with a new type of life insurance that you don’t have to die to use!

Mortgage Protection Life Insurance

Have you recently purchased a new home or refinanced your existing mortgage? Your home purchase will most likely be your single biggest purchase in your lifetime. Making sure that you are adequately protected with Mortgage Life Insurance can ensure that your family and loved ones will continue to live the life that you have worked hard to provide.

Mortgage Life Insurance With Living Benefits

But wait? Did you know that the majority of people today that lose their homes to foreclosure are due to catastrophic medical events like heart attack, strokes, cancer and disability that you don’t die from? In today’s medical environment more and more people are suffering these catastrophic events and living through it. But if you are permanently disabled or unable to go back to work because you suffered a heart attack, stroke or cancer treatments, how do you continue to pay your bills and your mortgage?