A Sad True Life Insurance Story

Hey everyone, Justin White here at Houston Life Insurance Quotes and thanks for watching. You know, I heard a sad story just the other day about a young lady, a mother of two, wife, who all of a sudden came down with something one day and within 24 hours had succumbed, died because of an aggressive infection. The thing that made it so tragic is if that’s not bad enough was the fact that she did not have any life insurance in place at all. So not only is the husband and kids trying to figure out what in the world happened and what they’re going to do now, they’re now having to deal with the financial hardships on top of that.

Life Insurance Is Affordable

And folks, the thing that’s so horrible about that is it’s so unnecessary. A young lady that age in relatively good health, it’s so inexpensive to get sufficient coverage, to get a lot of coverage in place. She could have gotten an enormous amount of coverage in place for less than $50.

Free No Cost Consultation

It’s just a matter of knowing who to talk to, what to ask, having somebody that you can trust to visit with to avoid things just like that. Please make sure that you have got your questions answered. I will visit with you in a non-pressurized fashion. I do not pressure anybody. I will answer your questions, I will make recommendations, I will give you quotes because I don’t want to see that happen to you. It’s happening everyday all over the place. There’s not one reason in the world your family needs to deal with that as well. Thanks for watching and we’ll catch you next time.

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