I Am Too Sick To Buy Life Insurance

I hear this all the time. Someone I am talking to will volunteer something like “Bet you can’t help me” or “I’ve been told I can’t get anything”. I always look at them and ask “what makes you think that”? At that point the floodgates open and I start hearing about all the myths and untruths floating around in the life market today. While there are some situations (very few) that are truly hopeless, I find that the vast majority of people who think they are uninsurable are anything but hopeless. They often have lots of options. Options they assume don’t exist because they were erroneously told something different.

Preexisting Conditions Life Insurance

Agent training for handling preexisting conditions is not readily available. It can actually be kind of hard to find. It is a shame because many lives could be improved with just a little bit of knowledge.

Life policies are underwritten in ways that allow for the most people to be covered. Even if you have something going on with our health, chances are you can still get some coverage. Don’t assume you are without hope…call. You just have to work with someone who understands preexisting conditions and life insurance, knows where to apply on your behalf, and can generally keep you abreast of what to expect.

Recent Life Insurance Solutions

In one recent case, I helped a gentleman who had been declined by a major carrier for a history of heart issues, protein in his urine, a sky high cholesterol count, 100 units of insulin per day, and a not-so-good A1C reading. I got him covered with $200,000 within a few days. He actually said the process had been “kinda fun”. You know what? It was fun. The sad thing was he had been told recently by another agent that there was “nothing I can do”.

Why did the agent say that? Who knows? I only know is they were absolutely wrong in this case. Never assume you are not insurable. Lots of things have changed in recent years. The only sure way to not get life coverage is to not try.


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