Term Life Insurance

Most families should have a mixture of cash value and term life insurance to make sure they are adequately covered to provide monies to pay off debt, provide on going salary for the surviving spouse, provide for college education costs, and to leave a legacy to their beneficiaries.

Life Insurance Solutions

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Term Life Insurance Coverage

Term Life Insurance is a much cheaper way to get a lot of life insurance coverage at a much lower premium simply because it expires after a specific amount of time. Term life insurance is usually more appropriate during your income producing years when you carry the most debt in your life, such as mortgages, car loans, personal loans, credit cards, etc… The big advantage of term life insurance is that the premiums are generally much less expensive than permanent cash value policies because insurance companies know that the chances of you passing during your term is minimal. But in the event of your death, it can definitely provide the cash in the form of death benefit that can keep your family and loved ones living in the same lifestyle that you’ve worked hard to build for them.